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5 Our ambition

We have a long-term ambition to be one of the best fire and rescue services in England. Everything we do is guided by our core purpose of ‘Creating safer communities’.

By 2032, we aim to be an outstanding Service, delivering exceptional outcomes for our communities.

Our CRMPs, which are shaped by regular public consultation, detail how we intend to achieve this ambition.

Our ambition is focused around four pillars:

  • Community outcomes
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Strong governance and financial sustainability
  • Our professional and committed workforce

These are central to our business planning and how we strive to deliver the best service possible to our communities.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue badge with the words "Community Outcomes", "Equality, diversity and inclusion", "Strong governance and financial sustainability", and "Our professional and committed workforce" around the outside

Community outcomes

In 2032, we believe that:

  • Responding to emergencies will remain the most visible and immediate service we provide, and the one the public most commonly expects from us
  • The total number of incidents we attend will continue to fall, due mainly to the community safety activities we undertake
  • The balance of our prevention, protection and response work will change as our risks change

During the next three years we will:

  • Continue to work closely with partner organisations to identify and support vulnerable people, helping them to stay safe from fire and other emergencies at home
  • Increase our focus on ensuring that nondomestic buildings meet current and new fire safety standards

Equality, diversity and inclusion

In 2032, we believe that:

  • We will be an established employer of choice, benefiting from diversity at all levels of our organisation
  • Our workforce will better reflect the communities it serves, and we will have strong relationships with a wide range of community groups who help to shape our services
  • Everyone will have equal access to the services we provide

During the next three years we will:

  • Continue to develop our understanding of communities and use that knowledge to ensure our services meet their needs
  • Continue our programme of positive action to encourage those who are under-represented in our workforce to apply for roles

Strong governance and financial sustainability

In 2032, we will:

  • Operate with a balanced budget and have a robust approach to financial planning and risk management
  • Prioritise investments in line with the benefits they deliver to our communities and routinely evaluate all initiatives to assess their impact
  • Continue to provide excellent value for money

During the next three years we will:

  • Review our current services and ways of working to better align our resources to reduce risks and improve outcomes for our communities
  • Develop an ethos of continuous improvement and effective performance management

Professional and committed workforce

In 2032, we will:

  • Be regarded as an employer of choice, with a range of career paths for both operational and non-operational staff
  • Provide opportunities for development, progression and promotion
  • Offer a sector-leading package of support to maintain the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all staff
  • Use our Strategic Assessment of Risk to ensure staff training aligns to emerging risks

During the next three years we will:

  • Review our training and development programmes to ensure our staff maintain the skills and competences they need to safely deliver our services
  • Review the workforce model to ensure we have the right people, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right times

Our strategic goals for 2022 -2025

During the lifespan of this plan, we have six strategic goals that we will aim to deliver. They focus on our core services of prevention, protection, and response; on the development of our workforce; on our continuous improvement journey; and on the sustainability of our Service.

The work that we do and the commitments we are making to improve in each of these areas are described in the following sections.

Strategic goal 1

We will help people stay safe from fires and other emergencies

Strategic goal 2

We will improve fire safety in the buildings people live and work in

Strategic goal 3

We will respond immediately and effectively to emergency incidents

Strategic goal 4

We will continue to support, develop and diversify our professional workforce

Strategic goal 5

We will continue our improvement journey to deliver an outstanding service

Strategic goal 6

We will manage and invest in our service to ensure we are fit for the future