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Firefighter fitness guidance

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Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service believe in an ethos that investing in and looking after employees will help to promote a happy, healthy workforce. Commitment to create an environment whereby employees are encouraged to engage in a healthy active lifestyle is embedded in the organisations core values, evidenced in our Wellbeing Strategy.

Wholetime operational firefighters are allocated dedicated physical training time whilst on shift. Comprehensive gym facilities are provided on all stations and at Headquarters, with all employees having access to regular classes such as circuit training, mindfulness and Pilates


It is well known that the occupational tasks of a firefighter are arduous; often involving operating and carrying heavy equipment whilst working for long periods in challenging conditions. These tasks demand a myriad of essential physical attributes to ensure they can be performed effectively, whilst reducing the likelihood of injury.

A successful fitness programme should focus on a combination of components including strength, power, aerobic training, muscular endurance and flexibility. In addition, training that develops neuromuscular movement patterns is crucial to promote reaction time and reduce the risk of injury to a firefighter when faced with environmentally challenging tasks, so training should also incorporate modes of agility, balance and proprioception development.

Preparing to meet the physical requirements for the recruitment process can be challenging. If you have a determined attitude and are ready to commit to your training, the timetable provided within this booklet gives you an easy-to-follow 12-week fitness programme, offering creative ways you can train from home with just a small selection of equipment. Guiding you throughout your training journey, the sessions are designed to support you with all aspects of fitness highlighted, helping you to prepare for the physical challenges ahead, through recruitment and life as a firefighter.

A copy of this fitness guidance can also be downloaded as a pdf.