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The role of the Fire Service Chaplain is to provide pastoral care, support, comfort, and help to our firefighters and all other fire service employees and their families.

  1. Provide support - to all NFRS staff. The demands of being part of a busy, frontline emergency service often require support and understanding, and this is where the role of the Fire Service Chaplain is so important.
  2. Visiting fire service staff - Our Chaplain must try and visit our fire stations and all other fire service premises as often as possible. There is no substitute for visiting if a Chaplain is to get to know the people of the Service and become known to them in turn.
  3. Multi-Faith Chaplaincy - In our multi-cultural and multi-faith society our Chaplain must be well aware that there are people from other religious backgrounds, and they will be sensitive to that. If someone wants to meet someone from their own faith, the Chaplain will assist them.
  4. Provide personal support - to staff that have been part of a traumatic incident. This must be done in partnership with other support services available, such as occupational health and the CRISIS team.
  5. Pastoral Services -The Chaplain must be available to visit Service personnel who may be in hospital or in times of crisis at home or perform other pastoral and ministerial services for members of the Service.
  6. Awards and Memorial Services - The Chaplain plays an active role supporting the Christmas Carol service and our Awards Ceremony. The Chaplain is also an integral part in memorial events for remembering past and fallen colleagues.
  7. Any other responsibilities - which may reasonably be regarded as within the nature of the Fire Service Chaplain’s duties, responsibilities and grade of the post as defined, subject to the proviso that normally any significant changes of a permanent nature should be incorporated into the job description in specific terms.