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Hoarding is a mental health condition that means collecting and keeping large quantities of items.

Whilst this may seem like a harmless thing to do, it can create a serious Fire Risk.

The hoarded items, particularly if they are made from flammable materials, create an environment for fires to not only start but also to spread very easily and quickly.

Fire escape routes become comprised and quite often the hoarders themselves will not be able to gain access to their bedroom, so will sleep in a small confined space elsewhere in the property. It is important for the Fire Service to where the person is sleeping so that if a fire should happen in their home, a firefighter will be able to locate them more quickly in order to rescue them. To enter a hoarded property that is on fire is also a considerable risk to the Fire Fighters themselves, so knowing this information will enable them to get in and out of the property as quickly as possible.

Examples of hoarding and how we rate the dangers can be found in our Clutter Image Rating below.

A series of 9 images showing a room getting progressively more cluttered

If you have concerns about any hoarding please fill in our Safe and Well Form and a member of our prevention team will be in contact.