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NFRS 2021 72 - Stonewall

You asked:

  1. For each of the years 2015-2021, please confirm what funding has been provided to Stonewall by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

    Details of payments NFRS made to Stonewall in the financial years 2015/16 to 2020/21 (.xlxs, 13Kb) are in the attached spreadsheet.

    Please note these payments are for services, as in 2.c. below.

  2. Please specify whether the funding in 1 above has been in the form of:
    1. Direct grants for unlimited purposes. None.
    2. Direct grants for limited purposes (in that event, stating the purpose). None.
    3. Payment for goods or services (specifying the relevant goods and services).

      Details of payments NFRS made to Stonewall in the financial years 2015/16 to 2020/21 are in the attached spreadsheet.

  3. Where the funding in 1 above has been by way of payment for goods or services, please specify:

    1. What analysis has been conducted to ascertain whether these goods or services meet contractual and/or legal requirements.

      NFRS Single source supplier process was used. This NFRS process is for all orders up to £25,000 excluding VAT where no open competition is held. The process needs Budget Holder and Procurement Manager approval before any commitment is made or purchase order raised on the supplier.

    2. What contractual or other recourse exists to reclaim in respect of goods or services that are defective, substandard or delivered in contravention of the law.
    3. What steps are being taken to seek recourse for any such contractual or legal shortfalls.

      For b. and c.:

      • No steps have been taken for any contractual or legal shortfalls for services supplied to NFRS by Stonewall
      • NFRS have a disputes process
      • If there was reason to dispute a transaction, the NFRS disputes process would be followed.
  4. In respect of the payments referred to in 1 above, please state:
    1. What criteria were applied in deciding to make payments by way of direct grants. Not applicable. No direct grants were made.
    2. What tendering process was conducted with regard to provision of goods or services. Please see 3.a.
    3. What alternative suppliers of goods or services were considered. Please see 3.a.