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NFRS 2021 090 - Home safety checks in private dwellings

  1. What percentage of requests for fire safety checks in private dwellings are hoarding related?

    For 1/1/2021 to 31/12/2021, 2.7% of home fire safety checks are recorded at Hoarding Scale 6+.

    NFRS use the Clutter Image Rating scale. We consider scale 6+ to be a hoarding level relevant to increased risks. This is because hoarding above a certain level it’s linked to increased risks of a fire occurring, leaving a property safely if there is a need to evacuate, and for firefighters attending.

  2. How many properties are registered as being a fire or safety risk due to hoarding?

    For 1/1/2021 to 31/12/2021, there are 422 home safety records with a recorded hoarding scale of 6+.

  3. Last year (or the most recent full year), how many incidents and fatalities were recorded where hoarding was a contributing factor?

    NFRS records of fire fatalities from April 2021 to late February 2022 have none where hoarding is recorded as a contributing factor.

    Under our FOIA duty to advise and assist, here’s a copy of information we sent to two related information requests.

    NFRS FOI 2020 100, March 2021 - information about NFRS records of properties:

    • Could you also please state what materials or possessions are logged on this register which would be passed on to crews attending a fire call at any of these addresses to warn them of potential fire or safety concerns?

      CIR recorded levels 6-7 for a property adds a note for dispatched crews that the property has a recorded hoarding level of 6-7.

      CIR recorded levels 8-9 for a property add a note for dispatched crews, and increases the initial turnout to a reported fire by one appliance.

    NFRS FOI 2019/126, March 2020 - fire fatalities in the period of 2014-2018 and specific risk groups.

    From 2014-2018 NFRS sadly recorded 34 fire fatalities.

    From NFRS records, 28 of the 34 fatalities during 2014-2018 fit into the categories which you asked about.

    Numbers are listed by each category for these fire fatalities. Please note that an individual fire fatality may fit into more than one category.

    1. People receiving  care and support – 3
    2. Hoarding behaviours – 0
    3. People under the influence of alcohol – 15
    4. People with reduced mobility – 7
    5. People living alone – 20
    6. People who smoked inappropriately – 9
    7. Elderly people – 7
    8. People who used emollient creams, if this was a factor in their death – 2
    9. People who were ex-military – 0