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NFRS 2021 073 - EDI training

You asked for:

  1. A full list of organisations/companies the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service are using, funded by public money, to provide "EDI" training for its staff.
  2. The resources and literature being used.

    Listed below are organisations Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) currently use or have used over the last few years for equality, diversity and inclusion training. This includes training for new and existing staff.

    Where possible we’ve included links to publicly available training materials from those organisations, or links to further information about the materials and training providers.

    I’m sorry we’re not able to provide all materials we use:

    • Some materials we don’t hold as the other organisation delivers the training for us.
    • For some training we pay a license fee for use of their materials, with limits on what we can use those materials for. We’re not able to make these materials publicly available through Freedom of Information. (As covered in FOIA s Section 43 FOIA – copyright, intellectual property rights and commercial sensitivity.)

    Please note that any materials we’re able to supply or link to may still be under copyright.

    Although copyright doesn’t act as a statutory bar to releasing information, any person who receives the information under FOIA is still obliged, by law, to respect the rights of the copyright owner.

    • Skills Boosters

      NFRS use two Skills Boosters films (Opens in a new window).

    • Actorshop

      Actorshop (Opens in a new window) have delivered a face to face training course for NFRS.

      The aim and objectives of the Diversity in Employment and Working with Vulnerable People course are:

      • To increase awareness of the Service’s legal and safeguarding responsibilities under the Equality Act and how to respond to the needs of vulnerable people
      • To be able to show how equality and diversity affects you and your team in your role
      • To improve understanding of employee responsibilities in relation to equality
      • To demonstrate a range of techniques to respond to the needs of vulnerable people within Nottinghamshire's communities
      • Have an awareness of sources of further support and the organisation’s polices/procedures
    • Learning Heroes

      NFRS license Unconscious Bias e-learning from Learning Heroes (Opens in a new window).

      A trailer for this training, and a free trial (requires signing up) are available

    • Stonewall

      NFRS staff have attended Stonewall training, such as the role models program and Stonewall’s Workplace Conference.

      Stonewall’s website has more information:

    • St Phillips Centre

      NFRS have used St Philips centre to deliver interactive overviews for some of the different religions and beliefs in Nottinghamshire.

      I’m sorry we don’t hold trainer materials as these sessions have been delivered by St Philips (Opens in a new window).

    • Delta Net

      NFRS license two e-learning sessions from Delta Net, Equality Essentials and Managing Diversity.

      I’m sorry, but the license agreement NFRS have with Delta Net is for our internal use of the materials only.

      • Equality and Diversity Essential eLearning
      • Manager's Training to Equality and Diversity
    • Essential Learning Curve

      Essential Learning Curve provided support in 2021 with an NFRS LGBT network event, and an LGBT History Month event.

      I’m sorry, as these events were run by Essential Learning Curve (Opens in a new window), NFRS don’t hold delivery materials.

Under our FOIA s21 duty to advise and assist, NFRS also deliver internal training, including an in-person course, An introduction to Equality for new staff.

Also, under our FOIA s21 duty to advise and assist, here’s a copy of a recent Freedom of Information request about payments Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service have made to Stonewall in the last five financial years.

Our ref: NFRS FOI 2021 / 072

  1. For each of the years 2015-2021, please confirm what funding has been provided to Stonewall by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

    Details of payments NFRS made to Stonewall in the financial years 2015/16 to 2020/21 are in the attached spreadsheet.

    Please note these payments are for services, as in 2.c. below.

    (Year total payments are between £1148 and £5898.)

  2. Please specify whether the funding in 1 above has been in the form of:

    1. Direct grants for unlimited purposes.


    2. Direct grants for limited purposes (in that event, stating the purpose)


    3. Payment for goods or services (specifying the relevant goods and services).

      Details of payments NFRS made to Stonewall in the financial years 2015/16 to 2020/21 are in the attached spreadsheet.

  3. Where the funding in 1 above has been by way of payment for goods or services, please specify:

    1. What analysis has been conducted to ascertain whether these goods or services meet contractual and/or legal requirements.

      NFRS Single source supplier process was used. This NFRS process is for all orders up to £25,000 excluding VAT where no open competition is held.

      The process needs Budget Holder and Procurement Manager approval before any commitment is made or purchase order raised on the supplier.

    2. What contractual or other recourse exists to reclaim in respect of goods or services that are defective, substandard or delivered in contravention of the law.
    3. What steps are being taken to seek recourse for any such contractual or legal shortfalls.

      For b. and c.:

      • No steps have been taken for any contractual or legal shortfalls for services supplied to NFRS by Stonewall.
      • NFRS have a disputes process
      • If there was reason to dispute a transaction, the NFRS disputes process would be followed
  4. In respect of the payments referred to in 1 above, please state:
    1. What criteria were applied in deciding to make payments by way of direct grants.

      Not applicable. No direct grants were made.

    2. What tendering process was conducted with regard to provision of goods or services

      Please see 3.a.

    3. What alternative suppliers of goods or services were considered

      Please see 3.a.