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Making access to buildings safer for firefighters

Posted by Carol Mee on 28 February 2022

In the last few months, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has trialled new ways of accessing buildings during an incident, with the aim of improving firefighter safety.

The Service has bought petrol-driven saws that can cut through concrete, brick and metal for both of its specialist rescue units, at Newark and Highfields Fire Stations.  These allow firefighters to gain access, by enlarging a window opening, for example, instead of making their way through a complex building from the door.  They can also cut a hole for a hose to go through.

All Newark and Highfields firefighters have completed the necessary training to use the saws and incident commanders will be receiving further training.

This means NFRS can stop using breathing apparatus (BA) guidelines, which are ropes that guide firefighters from the scene of an incident back to the BA entry control point in a smoky, dark or complicated building.

Instead, the Service now has illuminated cables that are more visible and, therefore, speed up entry and exit.  These will be used where no fire is suspected.

NFRS has kept its neighbouring Fire and Rescue Services and regional partners fully informed and some other Fire and Rescue Services are now considering following suit.

Concrete-cutting saw