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This page is for those wishing to report concerns for an individuals safety, if you wish to report a concern about a business you can do this here.

NFRS Prevention team aims to work with Professionals who are in contact with, care for, or visit, members of our community who may be at risk to fire or incidents in the home. Our CHARLIE-P training package below will help you to identify potential fire hazards and other risks in the home using our matrix to guide you through the process. In addition, the training highlights how to refer vulnerable people to Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service for Safe and Well advice.

To make a quick professional referral, please move to the bottom of this page and enter your agency code and password credentials which you will have been supplied with.  If you do not have these credentials yet, please get in touch with our admin team on:-


Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service work closely with partner agencies and our training has been developed to accommodate our ever-changing community needs and give you, the professional, the tools to identify someone who is at risk in their home of having a fire or, potentially, not being able to escape a fire.

The primary aim of the programme is to reduce the number of accidental dwelling fires, fire-related deaths and injuries across Nottinghamshire.

To access our online CHARLIE-P training pleaseclick here.

Our Safe and Well Guide may also be of use to help identify potential hazards


Additionally we may be able to offer face to face training, the training is free and we will deliver to groups (of any number) at your premises or venues supplied by us across Nottinghamshire.

If you or your organisation would like to request our face to face training:-

Please email:

or you would like to refer one of your clients for a Safe and Well visit, again, please go to the login at the bottom of this page followed by the online referral.

The training delivered by NFRS will inform you how a CHARLIE P Matrix is a useful assessment tool and how to refer someone to us for a Safe and Well visit in their home.

​Score ​1 ​2 ​4 ​8 ​10
​Descriptor ​Rare ​Unlikely ​Possible ​Likely ​Almost certain
​C ​Care and support needs ​No care or support needs ​In receipt of comprehensive care and support package ​Support in place but not deemed adequate ​No support in place but concerns for health and welfare ​No support in place but significant concerns for health and welfare
​Cooking ​No concerns ​Meal/drink preparation completed by others ​Prepares own food and drink but concerns identified by others or regularly uses hot oil  ​Preparing own food and drink but repeated episodes regarding safety ​Actual incident requiring support of others prior to safe and well visit
​H ​Hoarding ​1-2 CIR ​3 CIR ​4-5 CIR ​6-7 CIR ​8+ CIR
​A ​Alcohol use ​Not used ​Signs of alcohol use no concerns ​Signs of alcohol use some concerns ​Signs of alcohol being used Query dependency? ​Concerns alcohol use may impact upon fire safety, including escape
​R ​Reduced mobility

Clinical Frailty Score
Independently mobile

CFS 1, 2, 3
​Walks with support

​Requires mobility aid or history of falls e.g. stick or frame

CFS 5, 6
​Unable to walk e.g. wheelchair user

​Cared for in bed

CFS 8, 9
​L ​Lives alone Lives with others ​Lives alone but fully independent ​Lives alone with daily support ​Lives alone with occasional visitors or social contact ​Lives alone - no visitors or social contact
​I ​Inappropriate smoking ​Non-smoker ​Occasional smoker aware of safety ​Regular smoker aware of safety ​Occasional smoker unaware of safety ​Regular smoker - unsafe smoking practices
​E ​Elderly ​Under 40 ​41-50 ​51-64 ​65-79 ​80+
​Electrical ​No concerns ​Some risks identified but resolved during visit ​Risk identified, client to resolve ​Risks identified and client would need assistance to resolve ​Poor understanding and dangerous use of electrics
​P ​Previous signs of fire ​No concerns ​Evidence of historic burn marks ​Evidence of recent near miss fires - would respond to alarm ​Evidence of recent near miss fires - would not respond to alarm ​Previous fire within the last 12 months
​Score 1-20: ​Score 21-34: ​Score 35+


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