Why NFRS staff are essential to Nottinghamshire's Lateral Flow Testing sites


As part of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have detached 50 members of staff to support partner organisations.

Out of those 50 staff members at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS), we have a small group of six working on Nottinghamshire’s Lateral Flow Testing sites (LFTs).

Our group of six seconded members of staff have been working extremely hard behind the scenes turning libraries, leisure centres, pubs and even football grounds into top notch testing facilities.

Not only have they been essential in the building of ten sites so far, they have also trained 178 Covid-19 testing volunteers. These volunteers started with zero clinical expertise but are now testing operatives who have processed over 20,000 tests. This figure has already exceeded the target set by the Government.

This work would not have been successful without the additional help to each site. Fire crews are helping the team with every build, and they are supported by a team of volunteers from the NFRS retired members association. We also value and appreciate the contribution from the NFRS Transport Team for logistical support and Service Delivery for allowing local crews to support the builds twice a week.

The Programme Managers have commented that the team have embedded a value driven culture within the workforce that they have trained and created a customer focussed environment, to put everyone at ease during the testing process.

Our team are working extremely hard in their new roles, and continue to contribute towards these great achievements.

If you would like to support this part of the Covid-19 fight, then please go for a test at an asymptomatic testing site. Approximately 25-30% of people who have the virus have no symptoms, hence the unseen spread.

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