We need you! Nottinghamshire residents invited to take part in fire and rescue service fitness trials


Have you ever fancied having a go at the 'job related tests' that you would need to pass, should you want to become a firefighter? Well, here's your chance…

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently on the lookout for people who would be willing to undergo a series of physically challenging 'job related tests' at Highfields Fire Station later this month.

Willing participants, of which around 100 are needed, will be required to attend the testing event – which is taking place on Sunday 30 July – for around an hour.

During this time they will be asked to take part in a number of fire and rescue themed fitness tests – including a bleep test, a hand grip test and a ladder lift (arm extension) test.

Attendees will then be dressed in full 'fire kit' before being asked to try their hand at carrying some fire service equipment, and 'running out' some fire hose.

Explaining the purpose of the event, Station Manager Craig Day, who is pulling it all together, said: "The role of a firefighter, as many people will know, can be both physically and mentally demanding, and it is for this reason that we require our applicants to pass a certain number of 'job related tests' before they can join us.

"These tests relate to things that firefighters will be expected to do quickly, and safely, as part of their role – such as lifting ladders and carrying heavy equipment.

"They are nationally recognised and, as such, are generally fit-for-purpose, however as with anything we feel it is important to review them to ensure that they remain both fair and realistic.

"As they are designed for people coming into the Service, to use our own staff wouldn't be a fair test. We therefore need members of the public to give us just an hour of their time to have a go at the tests, and give us feedback on how they found them.

"This event isn't tied into recruitment, but we like to think that it will give anybody who is thinking of becoming a firefighter an opportunity to have a go at the tests – and see what it's all about.

"Without people attending we won't be able to carry out this important review, so I would ask people to please either come and have a go themselves, or at least help us spread the word."

More information on the Service's current 'job related tests' can be found on www.notts-fire.gov.uk/nfrs-careers/yesyoucan.

Highfields Fire Station is located on Hassocks Lane, Beeston, NG9 2GQ. There is free on-site parking and refreshments will be provided. Attendees are asked to turn up in gym clothes and comfortable trainers – as running will be involved.

Anybody who would like to take part is required to call the Service's HR Team to register on 0115 838 8247, or email them on HumanResources@notts-fire.gov.uk.

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