We need YOUR help to prevent grass fires!


​Dear parents and guardians,

We need your help...

In just over six weeks' time, your children will return to school for the new school year.

While it may seem far away now, just take a minute to think about the stories your children will be telling about their summer holidays.

Will it be one of adventures in the sunshine or fun times with family and friends? What we don't want, is for them to be talking about tragedy.

We would like you to help us make sure that children know how to stay safe during the summer holidays.

In 2018, firefighters across the county dealt with 1,024 grass and vegetation fires, and over 70 per cent of these took place from June to August.

In fact, we dealt with more grass and vegetation fires in the three months of summer than we did across the whole of 2017. 

It might surprise you to learn that our crews spent an average of 40 minutes dealing with each fire – that's equivalent to one fire crew dealing with nothing but grass fires solidly for a whole month.

Not only do fires of this kind impact on communities, but they can also damage areas of recreation, property, people's livelihood and even endanger lives.

That's why we want you to spread the word that #FiresAreNotFun to young people, and remind them that this year's summer holiday should be one to remember for the right reasons.

We would like you to spread the word with the following advice:

  • Keeping lighters and matches out of reach – we know that these fires are often fuelled by opportunity from these items being left lying around.
  • Giving in to peer pressure to set a fire is not cool – Just because others might encourage, remember the consequences.
  • We know it might be difficult over the summer, but make sure your children are occupied – often, boredom can be a large factor in fire setting.

If you're struggling for things to do over the summer holidays, check out both Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council's websites for events and activities for young people.  

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