The launch of a collaborative lunch at Service headquarters


​Pulp Friction have launched an initiative to combat isolation and loneliness for the communities of Nottinghamshire.

The joint project led by My Journey CIC and funded via the National Lottery, brings community groups together for a social lunch.

The first session of the project was held at our Headquarters in Bestwood earlier this week and will continue for 48 sessions, with different community groups attending.

Pulp Friction members prepare, cook, and serve the food during this lunch, and used the opportunity to speak to the guests about the project and what they do as a Community Interest Company.

Jill Carter, CEO of Pulp Friction, said: "We believe it is important to meet new people, share experiences and showcase the skills of people with learning disabilities and this project has done just that.

"All of us at Pulp Friction have a contribution to make and food is a really good way of bringing people together."

David Bingham, Director of My Journey CIC, said: "We had a burning desire to help people when we saw an invitation for applications for a National Lottery Community Fund a few months ago.

"We started as a small, specialist Community Transport offer that has a desire to be individually connected to all its members. We never wanted to just provide a taxi service but rather wanted to understand where people go, why they go there, how we can make their journey the best it can be and how we can connect people together.

"The only organisation for us to approach to support the 'eating' part of this project was Pulp Friction – a creative bunch of very talented individuals who specialise in supported employment opportunities for people in communities.

"We can't wait for people to continue to attend our project, and we truly believe we can shape the next part of our organisations future."

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