Stay safe this Halloween


​With Halloween at the weekend, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service want to remind you of the fire risks at this time of year.

We are urging people to be extra cautious when buying children's fancy dress costumes to reduce fires caused by naked flames. 

Glowing jack-o-lanterns and candles are synonyumous with Halloween, but with them come some serious fire hazards, especially with flammable fancy dress costumes.

We want to advise parents to have caution when buying fancy dress outfits this year and to ensure that they comply with fire safety regulations. Cheap costumes could put children at risk of life-changing injuries if caught alight.

Please ensure that children wearing costumes are kept well away from naked flames, particularly tea lights inside pumpkins. We would advise that people used electric tea lights as a safe alternative. 

The video below shows just how fast a costume can go up in flames when exposed to a naked flame. 


If a costume does unfortunately set on fire, ensure you stay calm, act quickly and remember 'STOP, DROP and ROLL':

  • If on fire, STOP the child from moving as this creates air and increases the fire.
  • Heat rises so DROP the child to the floor and lay them down flat to prevent flames from reaching their face.
  • Next, ROLL the child over and over, and back and fourth until the flames are out.

The emergency services advise anyone who suffers a burn to cool it under a cold running tap for 20 minutes, and in servere cases to call 999. Cover the wound with cling film or a sterile, non-fluffy dressing or cloth.

We hope you enjoy Halloween, and celebrate safely. 

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