Service launches new children's educational tool - Sparkton


​NFRS has launched a new online educational game aimed at bringing fire and road safety to life for young children across Nottinghamshire.                            

​The concept was originally developed by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service but a number of other services have been involved in the development of Sparkton - taking a collaborative approach to make it cheaper for each Service involved.

These include Cambridgeshire, Leicester, Hampshire and all three services in Wales.

At NFRS the project has been developed by the Education Team and includes interactive games and quizzes on a number of topics including road, water and fire safety.

Educational presentations are also available to download.

Alex Skennerton, who works as part of the Corporate Communications Team and has been working with Education on the project, said: "Sparkton is an excellent resource that will do a lot to inform young people about how to keep themselves safe and also learn about the important work the Service does.

"Sparkton is not only a great example of collaboration, but it's an platform which we will able to expand and build upon. For example, around an event like Bonfire Night, there's a lot of potential to create content which focuses on firework safety.

The game is available to play on the Service website and works both on desktop computers as well as mobile phones and tablets.

Click here to play the game!

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