Service embarks on new collaboration with Derbyshire colleagues


​Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) has recently embarked on a new collaborative project with the neighbouring Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS). 

The collaboration will see both services sharing vehicles—starting with the DFRS Command Support Vehicle (CSV) and the NFRS Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) - to increase resilience and improve interoperability.

Going forward, crews from Nottinghamshire will be able to use Derbyshire's CSV should the Service's own vehicle already be in use at an incident, or if there is a national emergency. 

On the other hand, as part of the collaborative agreement, firefighters from NFRS will also be attending incidents in Derbyshire with the EPU - which is based at Stockhill Fire Station. 

The CSV is used at large-scale incidents as a command point, and helps co-ordinate the work of firefighters at fires and other incidents, whereas the EPU attends chemical incidents, flooding and spillage incidents.

"We're really pleased to have been able to work closely with our colleagues in Derbyshire on what we hope will be just one of many collaborative projects," said Craig Parkin, Assistant Chief Fire Officer.

"By breaking down geographical and organisational boundaries and working together, as we have done here, each service becomes more effective, efficient and resilient – meaning we can continue to provide high quality services to the communities that we serve.

"This is the latest step in our collaboration journey and we look forward to working even more closely with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, and other partner agencies, in the near future." 

Also commenting on the project, Derbyshire's Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Gavin Tomlinson, said: "The efficiency and effectiveness of all emergency services are essential considerations in delivering a modern fire and rescue service that is ready to respond to the varied incidents that we are called upon to attend daily.

"Specialist vehicles provide invaluable support at such incidents, however, they can be costly investments with low mobilisation rates. By working in collaboration with colleagues from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service we have been able to consolidate our resources efficiently and provide resilience of cover for both Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire."

In addition to sharing the CSV and EPU, the Services will also be sharing an Incident Command Support Unit (ICSU) with colleagues from Derbyshire Constabulary.

The ICSU is a brand new addition to Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service's fleet and will provide a mobile office that can be used to support incident command activity, for multiple agencies, during large-scale incidents.  

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