School boy's art shines spotlight on safety message


Ethan King, a pupil at Morven Park Primary School, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, has teamed up with NFRS to produce artwork for an important fire safety message highlighting the dangers of deliberate fire setting.


Firefighter Jack Hibbert, who works in the Service’s Education Team, has written and recorded a rhyming story during lockdown. It tells the story of two boys who are bored in lockdown and head out to find some entertainment, where they end up setting a deliberate fire which has to be extinguished by a fire crew. The story gives a serious fire safety message and the harsh consequences of setting fires.


NFRS contacted the school to get involved to produce artwork that would support the message so an animated video story could be created.


Jack said: “This has been a great opportunity for me to share my creative talents with the Service during an unusual time and has given the Education Team a new way of reaching out to the younger generation as we change our way of working due to the impacts of coronavirus. We often visit schools to share this message in person, however due to the pandemic, we have been open to change and have created this wonderful video we can share with schools and communities.


“Ethan’s drawings really help to bring the story to life and promote our message around deliberate fires as we ask the community to remain vigilant as restrictions now begin to lift.


“Thank you to Morven Park Primary School for getting involved and a big thanks to Ethan for the fantastic drawings which will be shared throughout the Service and to other schools in the future.”


The story is read for the video by Jack himself and Ethan’s drawings are animated to tell the story in a visual way.


Ethan's teacher, Andrea Pick, said: "We felt truly privileged to be given the opportunity to be involved in this project. It gave the pupils an incentive and focus to be engaged in something with a real and meaningful purpose; which in turn helped keep them motivated during lockdown.


"We were absolutely delighted with Ethan’s illustrations and are so thrilled and proud to know his true talent is being shared to convey such an important safety message to other children. We can’t thank Firefighter Jack Hibbert and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service enough for providing our school with this wonderful opportunity."


Ethan said: "I love to draw. I spend most of my time drawing and I'd love to be an illustrator when I'm older. So, when Miss Pick asked on Microsoft Teams if anyone would like to do some illustrations for this book I jumped at the chance!


"I'm so glad my drawings were chosen, but even if they hadn’t been, I still had lots of fun drawing them. It gave me something to do during lockdown and the story is great - it gives a clear message of fire safety."



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