Respect others this Bonfire Night


We always recommend attending organised firework displays, however if you are using fireworks at home this year, please ensure you respect those around you and follow the Firework Code (opens in a new tab).

Our top tips to have an enjoyable and safe Bonfire Night:
  • Use fireworks away from people, houses and flammable materials
  • Only buy fireworks from licenced sellers, with the CE mark
  • Remember it is illegal for under 18's to buy fireworks
  • Read all safety instructions before letting off fireworks
  • Stick to fireworks curfews: midnight on 5 November, 1 am on Diwali, New Year's Eve and Chinese New Year, and 11pm every other night
  • Be considerate to animals
  • Do not use sparklers or fireworks in the streets or other public places
  • Only adults should handle fireworks
  • Children and young people should be supervised at all times, and enjoy displays from a safe distance
  • Keep all naked flames, including cigarettes, away from fireworks
  • Never return to a firework once it has been lit
  • Make sure you dispose of used fireworks safely by soaking them in water overnight
Andy Macey, Group Manager for Prevention at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, said "setting fireworks can quickly go wrong. Remember that they are explosives that should be treated as such, and only used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the Firework Code.

"If you cannot attend an organised display, we urge residents to not light their own Bonfires. They can easily spread to nearby garages, hedges and homes, causing devastation.

"Above all, we ask that you respect those around you this Bonfire Night and enjoy fireworks safely. In an emergency, always call 999."

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