Animal rescue training

Retained staff get to grips with animal rescues


​Leading a dog to safety from the River Trent, and rescuing a horse from three feet of water are just two of the real-life incidents that retained crews attended in the last week to prepare for their new responsibility of attending animal rescue calls.

Retained firefighters from East Leake and Warsop Fire Stations will this week begin acting as the first responders to large animal rescues, and are the first retained stations to ever take on this duty.
Crews have been training for the move since April this year by shadowing firefighters from the Service’s two Specialist Rescue Units (SRU) located at Newark and Highfields Fire Stations, and attending animal rescue incidents alongside them.

Animal rescue equipment was previously transported on the SRUs and has now been moved to two response vehicles located at East Leake and Warsop Fire Stations.

Station Manager Martin Bills said: “This is a great investment in our retained crews by allowing them to gain specialist skills and knowledge. The training has seen our wholetime and retained crews coming together to work as one team and firefighters from East Leake and Warsop have been given a large amount of support in their training.

“It was decided that these stations could take on the rescues of larger animals due to their locations in the county, and over the last week we have seen two incidents involving animal rescues, which gave all crews involved a good opportunity to hone their skills in a real-life situation outside of the extensive training before the move begins this week.

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