Petitions Committee Report: MPs demand action against irresponsible fireworks use


"Inconsiderate and irresponsible use of fireworks should be considered as socially unacceptable as drink driving."

The Petitions Committee has today launched its landmark report calling on the Government to take action on irresponsible fireworks use and improve industry regulation.

Over the last three years, petitions calling for tighter restrictions on the sale and use of fireworks have been signed more than 750,000 times by UK citizens, resulting in three debates in the House of Commons.

But the Government's responses to these petitions, and Ministers' replies to the debates, left petitioners feeling frustrated and ignored. We undertook this inquiry to hear their concerns and propose changes in response to them.

One petition that received more than 307,000 signatories called for the Government to "Ban the sale of fireworks to the public. Displays for licenced venues only." However our investigation found that banning fireworks could have unintended consequences for community groups and the good causes they support, the wider economy, and may even lead to a dangerous black market.

While the Petitions Committee doesn't support calls for an outright ban, the Committee inquiry found clear evidence that action is needed to protect animals and some groups of people from serious adverse effects.

The report recommendations come following consultations with groups including people with a wide range of health conditions and disabilities and organisations that support them, military veterans and animal rights charities. The inquiry also collected evidence from the RSPCA, the British Fireworks Association, the National Police Chiefs Council, and the National Fire Chiefs Council.

The recommendations were made after listening to all sides of the debate through formal evidence from a number of interest groups during the inquiry and in public consultation events, and it was clear to see that these petitions have been motivated by

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