Partnership working during Newark water safety exercise


Firefighters from Newark along with their rescue boat, Southwell and Collingham Fire Station took part in a district exercise today (Wednesday 14 July) along the River Trent at Newark Castle.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service provided a crew with an additional boat, and Nottinghamshire Police were also working with us throughout the day.

Exercise ‘Castle’ saw the Crews mobilised to a report of smoke coming off a boat, with persons seen on the boat and in the water.

As part of the exercise, Crews rescued ten casualties in total – two from the boat and a further eight from the water.

The exercise was not only to demonstrate and develop our cross-border working, but it was also to test our response to water rescues.

District Manager, Leigh Holmes, said: “Exercises like this one help operational personnel prepare for any real incidents that may come in.

“As well as this exercise helping us develop our cross-border working, it helped our Joint Fire Control room to manage radio traffic from a water rescue incident.

“Everyone who took part in today’s exercise demonstrated great teamwork and showed that we are ready and competent for any future incidents that may come in.

“We would like to thank Nottinghamshire Police for their full support in today’s training. We regularly work with our partners in training exercises and real emergency incidents, and hopefully our communities within Nottinghamshire have trust in us to continue to keep them safe.

“We would also like to thank the boat owners for allowing us to make this exercise as real as possible.

“Throughout the summer we are urging people to stay safe around water. If you see anyone in danger in water, please do not go in after them. Call 999 and encourage the casualty to swim.”

Newark Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Charlotte Allardice said: “Thankfully such scenarios in real life like the one today are extremely rare, but we need to be prepared for any eventuality as emergency services.

“That is why we are grateful to work with our colleagues in the fire service to allow our officers the experience of being involved in realistic training exercises like this in preparation for major incidents should they happen within Nottinghamshire. 

“It is hugely important we run these exercises so that the public can feel confident in the way police and fire work together to save lives and keep the public safe at times when such incidents are thrust upon us.”

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