One Road One Week


This week is the One Road One Week campaign and runs from 14 to 20 September.


Project Edward day is also on the 16 September where they aim to have no road deaths throughout the whole country.


This year we have attended 330 Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) across Nottinghamshire and are encouraging you to do your part to stay as safe as you possibly can whilst using the roads. 


The Fatal 5 focuses on: 

Safer Drivers - Mobile phones should NOT be used when driving.

Safety Journeys - The speed limit is NOT a target.

Safer Vehicles - Seatbelts save lives.

Driver wellbeing - Never drink and drive under the influence of substances.

Leadership -  Be careful on the road, consider others.

Further information on Road Safety.


ProjectEdward 's ultimate aim is to see every day without a road death, NFRS work with partners to try and achieve this goal through educating the Nottinghamshire public utilising a variety of different methods.




In 2019 NFRS participated in a number pf road safety interventions where we reached out to 1488 people, to help raise awareness of how to keep road users safe.


Take a moment to view this Video, it shows you how distracted you become when using your mobile phone. #Itcanwait

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