On-call Firefighters from Bingham share their thoughts on serving their community


What made you want to be an on call firefighter?
Simon: I have always wanted to be a Firefighter. I applied at the age of 18 but was unsuccessful at that time. My life has taken many different paths but I have always remained interested in the Fire Service. When the opportunity to join my local fire station came up, I jumped at the chance. The on-call roll has allowed me to continue my primary employment with the Ambulance Service. I love being able to support the local community and keep people safe, which is important to me.
Mark: I always wanted to be a firefighter as this is a long-time goal of mine. I've been an on-call firefighter now for 12 years and for 3 year of those I've been a Crew Manager at Bingham Fire Station. It's quite a commitment, because you have to be ready to respond as soon as your pager goes off and that could be in the middle of your plans at home, but it is so rewarding to help to protect your community and feel like you're giving something back.
Why do you like being an on call firefighter?
Simon: I love being an On-call firefighter; not only am I part of a highly trained team responding to emergencies, but it also gives me the opportunity to keep my local and surrounding communities safe. I enjoy talking to schools and their children on how to keep safe and teaching them the importance of fire safety in the home.
Mark: I just love the excitement and never knowing what we're going to be faced with. You just have to get out there and deal with whatever you find. It's everything I thought it would be and more. I also like working in the community from visiting schools, doing safe and well visits making sure your home has working smoke alarms and engaging with community.
What was your first job and how did you find it?
Simon: I'll always remember my first call. I'll never forget when my pager first went off, the adrenalin rush was incredible, I must admit I was a little nervous driving down to station. The call was for signs of smoke and we were given an address to respond to. It turned out that the smoke was from a bonfire that some builders had built to burn some rubbish. Not the most exciting of first calls but it took many hours to wipe the smile from face. I was finally working my dream job!
Mark: My first job was a car in collision with a lorry where we had to extricate two people trapped in the car. It was a difficult first job and quite challenging however something I will never forget.
What's your other role?
Simon: For my primary employment I'm an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) with East Midlands Ambulance Service, responding to emergencies and providing emergency care too people across Nottinghamshire, I have done this for 15 years. I have worked on the Fast response cars and on the emergency ambulances. I have been frontline throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been a very challenging time not only for me but for everyone. The experiences I have gained during this time I have brought to Bingham Fire station, helping my colleagues to stay safe. I have helped in the local community by delivering medications and meals to people who are having to shield. I feel very proud to be able help and support my local community with my colleagues from Bingham Fire Station.
Mark: My other job is a whole-time firefighter for Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue at Newark Fire Station. I have only been doing this for nearly 4 months and love it. Being an on-call firefighter made me aspire to do this job all the time so I applied and got though. It wasn't easy but with hard-work and dedication I'm now doing the job I love both whole-time and on-call.

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