Nottinghamshire’s first joint cadet base set to inspire young adults


Nottinghamshire Police and Nottinghamshire Fire Rescue Service's joint cadet scheme continues to inspire young adults with cadets undergoing practical skills and theoretical learning.


The joint base was set-up in September 2019 following a successful eight-week trial. The Police Force has more than 200 cadets signed-up and it's hoped this joint base will be replicated across the county to engage more with the younger generation.


There are currently 15 cadets at the joint base, from a variety of backgrounds, who regularly attend Highfields Fire Station every week, with cadet leaders from Fire and Police.


Cadets have now been getting involved in a range of activities including; physical training such as the bleep test, Fatal Four – Road Safety, first aid training, stop and search, neighbourhood policing visits, virtual reality road traffic collisions, fire science and fire development.


The exercises are set up by working collaboratively with both fire and police. Watch Manager Kevin Ruane, Fire Fighter Rebbecca Meachin and Police Officer Lynne Hart all join forces to provide the best experience to the cadets.


Lessons are not just in the classroom; NFRS has provided bespoke cadet ladder training, hydrant drills and practical road traffic collision skills. The Police will cover anti-social behaviour, custody and airwave communication. These are just a few of the thought-provoking exercises that are to come for the cadets.


Watch Manager Kevin Ruane said: “The joint cadets are all eager to learn more about the emergency services. The collaboration of Fire and Police has resulted in the cadets having a broader understanding of public service and has allowed them to develop their personal and professional skills.”


Schools and Early Intervention officer Lynne Hart said: “ We are delighted with the progress of the joint base. The force has had an established Cadet programme which has ran for many years and worked with hundreds of young adults.


"The force has more than 200 cadets across the county at our 13 bases, with a mixture of senior and junior cadets between the ages of 11 and 18-years-old. We continue to work closely with the Fire Service and it's hoped one day in the future we will expand our collaborative work.


"The force is working hard to ensure each of our bases house a percentage of vulnerable youths following our work in the community, which stems from the introduction of bases such as Sherwood and Bulwell’s Lyrico Steede Cadet base."


The joint cadet scheme is the one of the wide range of collaboration projects between us and our emergency service partners; other successful joint initiatives include; a shared welfare vehicle for firefighters and police officers to use at incidents, the joint drone usage, a joint school's education and road safety initiatives.

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