No Smoking Day 2021


We are promoting No Smoking Day on Wednesday 10 March because discarded cigarettes and tobacco products can lead to accidental fires with, often, serious consequences.  If you are still a smoker, please take advantage of this year’s No Smoking Day to give up.

Smoking remains the single largest preventable cause of early death.  Half of all lifelong smokers will die prematurely, usually about 10 years younger than non-smokers.  Every cigarette smoked damages the lungs in a way that may not show until later in life.  After the age of 35-40 years, for every year of continued smoking, a person loses about 3 months of life expectancy. 

But the good news is that stopping smoking is always beneficial to your heath and it is never too late to quit.

You can read about the health risks of smoking and get support to give up through the NHS website.

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