New wholetime recruitment lead


Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has appointed a new coordinator, Richard Snow, to lead on wholetime recruitment as the Service prepares to open recruitment in early 2022.

Firefighter Richard Snow has been a wholetime firefighter based at Edwinstowe Fire Station for four years. He is now the lead on engaging with communities about recruitment and running awareness sessions, where people can have a go at firefighting tasks.

Before becoming a firefighter, Richard worked in jobs that were about helping people; whether as a lifeguard, care worker or teacher supporting disadvantaged children.

Richard was just ten years old when he knew that he wanted to become a firefighter. His grandmother had left a chip pan on which caught fire meaning the fire service needed to be called. He remembers seeing the firefighters walking about the house and thinking they were “superheroes”.

As part of his role Richard will be engaging with our diverse communities so people understand more about the role of the Service and job of a firefighter to allow them to consider it as a possible career.

Asked if there was anything that he wishes he knew when he first applied, he says that “preparation is key”. 

“It is a competitive process and there are things you can do now to improve your fitness to pass a bleep test or improve your maths and English skills.”

Speaking about being a firefighter and his new role, Richard said: “Firefighting is a great career. There is a good work life balance, and you get a crew which is like a second family. 

“It is not just putting out fires. You have an opportunity to work in different parts of community, in homes, businesses, at height, on the water or with animals.

“I have seen how the Service has changed since I first joined, and if I can be part of more change to help bridge the gaps in our communities then I’m honoured to do that.”

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