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Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has launched a refreshed section of the website, dedicated to Business Safety.

We’ve renewed the information in this section to ensure that we fulfil our regulatory requirement to provide guidance and support to businesses trying to comply with fire safety legislation, offer services such as the Primary Authority scheme, and provide transparent information about enforcement action and the audit process.

We’ve split the page into three sections: Educate, Encourage and Enforce.

Under Educate, you will find everything you need to know about how to implement fire safety in your business, from writing your own fire risk assessment to how to reduce your false alarm activations.

Under Encourage, you can see the services we offer to business owners to help you comply with the legislation. We offer free fire risk assessment workshops, we participate in the Primary Authority scheme and can give assured advice for your business.

Under Enforce, you will find out what to expect from an audit, you will be able to report a fire safety concern in a business, and you can see what enforcement action the Fire and Rescue Service may take against your business if fire safety deficiencies are found.

Have a look at the website here to find out more about how to look after fire safety in your business, and keep your employees, contractors, visitors and customers safe. See what we offer to help your business comply with fire safety legislation and find out what our enforcement process is.

Additionally, we are holding a Q&A session on Instagram stories, today (12 June). This is an opportunity for business owners to speak to a member of the Fire Protection team and ask any questions on what they might need to know before re-opening. Have a look, and submit a question.

Instagram - @nottsfire.

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