NFRS successfully give over 50,000 vaccinations


NFRS staff are currently in their fourth month of vaccinating people in Nottinghamshire and have now successfully administered over 50,000 vaccines.

Last week they administered 4,147 vaccines which allowed us to hit this milestone. Crew Manager Linda McCormack administered the 50,000th vaccination.

Linda postponed her retirement from NFRS in April to take up the opportunity to support the vaccination programme.

Linda has administered over 3,000 vaccinations since the start, and is pleased to be able to continue to help until the end of July.

Linda said: “I have worked for the fire service for 20 years and I am finishing in the most unexpected but amazing way. Every day brings a surprise.

“This work gives collaboration a whole new meaning, as it is not just the emergency services but people from all agencies working together to help others.”

Group Manager, Andy Macey said: “I am so proud of the team who are working extremely hard in the vaccination centres around Nottinghamshire.

“Administering over 50,000 vaccinations is such a big milestone for us to hit and I am pleased NFRS are able to provide such a big help towards the programme.

“I would like to thank all of our seconded staff and volunteers that are in the vaccination centres and working on our COVID-19 response team on behalf of the whole Service, as what they are doing daily is a big step in the right direction to get the Country back to as much normality as possible.”

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