NFRS release joint statement for Black History Month


Throughout the month, the BAME networks are working more closely together than ever to share experiences and knowledge with colleagues through virtual events. The first of these events takes place next week and is a seminar on The Windrush Generation.

John Buckley, Chief Fire Officer at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and Richard Henderson, Chief Executive at East Midlands Ambulance Service have joined together to mark the annual event.

“This Black History Month, we want to celebrate and highlight the often unrecognised and undervalued achievements and contributions of Black workers, both in the UK and internationally, and their significant and positive contributions to society.

“This Black History Month, we also again condemn any form of discrimination within our organisations. We recognise that if discrimination goes unchallenged, we accept the responsibility ourselves and allow those responsible to believe that they have our agreement. We will therefore continue to challenge openly any discrimination or hatred.

“Racism has cast a long shadow across the UK; voices have remained silent, often unheard, and lived experience ignored. Recent global events have raised those voices and shone a light on these injustices felt by many communities. As leaders in the public sector responding to the needs of our diverse communities, we pledge to listen, hear and act on all forms of injustice.

“We therefore stand committed to celebrating and acknowledging the contribution of our BAME communities to the development and success of our proud city and county, both this Black History Month and beyond.

“Black History Month is a time to celebrate, communicate and connect with one another. We celebrate with you.”

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