NFRS issues advice after serious increase in grass and rubbish fires


​Do you know what your kids will be getting up to this summer?

With the school holidays upon us, if you’re a parent, teacher, coach or other influential person in a young person’s life, you can help us to spread our message that fires are simply not fun.

The month to date has seen over a 600 per cent increase in the amount of grass and rubbish fires from the same time last year – and while it might seem cool or fun to set these, what you might not be aware of, is the many dangers associated with them. These include injury to yourself or your friends, a potential criminal record with the police and fires getting out of control and damaging properties.

So far this month, our crews have attended 349 grass fires, which delays them from dealing with other more serious incidents, and most of these are believed to have been set deliberately – meaning they are preventable.

So, we’re asking you to help us by speaking to as many people as you can, about the potential consequences and spreading our key messages.

• Don’t drop cigarettes, dispose of them properly.
• Take your rubbish home or put it in a nearby bin.
• Don’t leave glass bottles lying on the ground as sunlight shining on these can lead to a fire.
• Setting fires is not cool or fun – How would you feel if firefighters were unable to attend a lifesaving emergency because of your fire?
• Don’t try to tackle grass or other fires in the open on your own as they spread quickly, and instead call 999 immediately.

Station Manager for Prevention, Paul Gair, said: “This summer has certainly seen prolonged periods of high temperatures, and you will only have to look out of your window to see how dry the ground and grass has become.

“This means that fires can happen more easily and spread rapidly, and with the increase in grass fires we have seen recently, it’s more important than ever that people of all ages take note of our advice and help us to protect our grassland and woodland areas for all of us to enjoy during the summer holidays.

“As a Service, we attend all kinds of incidents, not just fires – but when our crews are mobilised to deal with grass fires, which can be large or small, they are potentially being taken away from attending more serious incidents where lives may be at risk, and I am sure that nobody wants that on their conscience.

“We know that the summer holidays are a chance for young people to relax and get into the outdoors, but if you’re a parent, carer, teacher, summer activity club leader or maybe even a coach, you can help us by speaking to young people about the consequences, to us, to them and to the communities of Nottinghamshire of fire-setting.

“On behalf of NFRS, I hope you all have a safe summer holiday.”

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