NFRS fire crews are back in your local community - maintaining social distancing


Fire crews are resuming in person Safe and Well’s within the community as the lockdown restrictions have now eased. Crews have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic responding to emergencies and adapted their ways of working to support the community whilst on lockdown.

Crews have already begun, where possible, to carry out a doorstep safe and well visit, where they are maintaining the two metres distance and have full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They have also been carrying out CRaE’s (Community Reassurance and Engagement) where needed in the local area.

If our crews visit your property they will ask if anyone is suffering or displaying signs of COVID-19 or whether you or they are isolating from advice given. If the answer is yes we may rearrange the visit or carry out the safe and well via phone call to keep you and our crews safe. Crews will be able to wipe down any surfaces they may have touched and will ensure a safe distance is kept at all times.

Group Manager, Tom Archer said: “As the lockdown restrictions have started to ease we still remain alert and cautious however we are pleased to start reintroduce some of the key aspects of our work that we were forced to suspend during lockdown. This is great news for our crews and the community as we are able to resume our interactions once again, always with our aim of ‘creating safer communities’.

“Our crews have the relevant PPE to stay safe and will work hard to maintain the safe social distance so it not only keeps you safe but it also keeps our crews safe and well too.”

For more information regarding safe and well visits please see our website.

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