NFRS comes together with partner agencies for #OperationHighway


‚ÄčInterventions for drink driving, seatbelts, speeding and distractions were just some of the things that the Service engaged with motorists about at a multi-agency operation to make Nottinghamshire's roads safer last week.

Operation Highway, which was previously called Operation Decelerate at last year's intervention, is this month focusing on HGVs and the Service worked alongside Nottinghamshire Police, the Environment Agency, Via East Midlands, and the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency to educate drivers passing through the north of the county.

Drivers were targeted over a two-day period at Blyth Services and the B&Q depot in Worksop and were initially pulled over by police, before other agencies gave them advice on road safety.

HGV drivers across the two days also took the Service's #HandOnYourHeart pledge, explaining how they would do their bit to make the roads safer.

Crew Manager Graham Picker, said: "Over the past year the service has seen a large number of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads, particularly pedestrians and cyclists.  As a Service, it is only right that we work closely with our partners to try and reduce these figures. 

"Operation Highway was extremely successful over the two-day period in educating road users around the dangers of their offences and it was specifically aimed at working with every HGV driver that stopped at the B&Q depot.

"Drivers were extremely receptive to advice given but also gave a wealth of knowledge and road experience to us to pass on during our road safety intervention campaigns. Many thanks to all those involved and the public response was fantastic."


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