More defibrillators arriving on fire stations across Nottinghamshire

More defibrillators arriving on fire stations across Nottinghamshire


​A project to fit defibrillators at fire stations across the county has been progressing well over recent months - with seven of the Service’s stations, including Headquarters, now having one installed.

Funded by a charity called Community Heartbeat Trust, and co-ordinated by the Service’s Estates Team, the defibrillator scheme will see people who live near to each NFRS location have access to potentially life-saving equipment.

So far the project has seen ‘defibs’ fitted outside Service Headquarters, London Road, Bingham, Carlton, Edwinstowe, West Bridgford and Stockhill. These are in addition to machines which had previously already been installed at Collingham and Warsop Fire Stations by their communities.

It is now hoped that in the coming months the kit will continue to be installed at other stations across the county - with the overall aim being to have one at each location.

“With the best will in the world and despite the amazing job they do, ambulances can not always get there in time to save someone’s life,” said Martin Fagan, National Secretary of the Community Heartbeat Trust, who told the Fire Authority earlier this year that the benefits of having local defibrillators are clear for residents.

“With a cardiac arrest, time is of the essence, and this project is bringing life-saving equipment to the centre of Nottinghamshire communities.”

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