Local community step up after swift water rescue


Today (Friday 4 November) at 11:35AM crews from Carlton, London Road and Highfields attended a water rescue in Stoke Bardolph.

When crews arrived, they were presented with a complex incident: a river cruiser was precariously moored on the riverbank taking on water.

The river cruiser is very old, and requires repairs to make it suitable to remain on the water. This river cruiser, however, is accommodation for somebody which is why it made the rescue even more significant, as there was a risk to life.

Crews undertook a technical operation that involved line systems working in synergy with the Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) from Highfields Fire Station. The operation involved turning the cruiser around in difficult river flow conditions, then leading it to safety outside a local pub, the Ferry Boat Inn.

Our Prevention team attended the incident, and we have worked with Gedling Borough Neighbourhood Watch, Gedling Borough Council and City of Nottingham housing team with this incident. The Ferry Boat Inn opened their doors to help support a vulnerable person and to allow crews to complete a debrief.

Additionally, a Facebook funding page has been set up within the local community to help support the person with diesel, food, clothing and to help towards the cost of repairing the cruiser.

District Manager, Craig Day, said: “I want to thank our crews for their efforts with this incident, they did a great job however in the context of a global pandemic, it is fantastic to see the community spirit alive and supporting someone in need.

“We want to remind the public how dangerous water can be, especially during this time of year as the water will be extremely cold and can very quickly turn into a tragic incident.

“If you ever find yourself struggling in water we want you to remember to try to stay calm, lie on your back and call for help once you have got your breathing under control.

“If you see someone that seems to be in trouble in water, call the emergency services as soon as possible so that we can respond as quickly as possible. Any information you can provide about the person and their location will support our rescue efforts”.

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