Joint fire and police operation makes drivers think about road safety


​Today staff from both Nottinghamshire Police and NFRS have been working together to educate drivers on how to stay safe on the roads as part of Operation Thought.

As a result of the operation, 21 people were stopped by officers for offences which included:

  • 18 for not wearing seatbelts.
  • Six were using mobile phones whilst driving.
  • One prosecuted for driving on bald tyres.
  • One prosecuted for having no insurance.
  • One being prosecuted for having illegally tinted windows.

As offenders were caught they were offered a chance to receive education and advice from our Prevention Team – in some cases receiving this instead of a fine or points on their driving licence.

Jazz Hayer, Watch Manager in Prevention Education, said: “Both organisations have really benefited from this collaborative initiative today which we all feel has been very successful.”

“Today, members of public benefitted from receiving advice and education about the importance of wearing seatbelts, from NFRS. Working alongside our Police colleagues, who helped to identify the offenders and bring them into our fire station, we were able to have a conversation rather than receiving a fine and/or a ticket.

"Those who broke the law by using a mobile phone did receive a penalty for doing so as well as some education. ”

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