Improvements to Safe and Well Visits


​As the country moves towards the end of the coronavirus Roadmap, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Safe and Well Visits (SWVs) will increase with an expectation to deliver 12,000 visits for 2021-22, with further ambitions to increase this figure over the next few years, reinforcing its role in creating safer communities.

The efficiency of the visits has been improved by using data to identify households that present an elevated risk, and by using pre-visit screening questions that reduce the time it takes for a physical visit.

During the pandemic, some of these visits have been conducted virtually, with nearly 6,500 completed.

Home visits are a proven way of reducing fires, fire-related deaths, and fire-related injuries.

In a Safe and Well Visit, firefighters or the Fire Prevention Team will visit someone’s home to offer advice on how to make their home safer and what to do if they become trapped by fire.

Delivery teams will fit free smoke alarms, if needed; give advice, and offer referrals to partner agencies.

Since the new format was introduced in October 2018, Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service has completed over 15,000 Safe and Well Visits to those most in need across Nottinghamshire.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Craig Parkin said: “Despite the pandemic our staff have continued to deliver Safe and Well Visits to the most vulnerable residents of Nottinghamshire, being visible and offering reassurance to our communities.

“Our constant improvements to how we deliver the visits means we are more effectively engaging with those who most need our help.

“As we look with optimism for the end of restrictions, our teams will be returning to full activities and will continue to support local people to ensure fire safety is a priority.”

Anyone who feels they cannot assess the risks in their own home can book a Safe and Well Visit by visiting our Safe and Well webpage.

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