Fires can be Fry-tening - Staying safe in the kitchen


The Service are proud to focus on home safety and have provided you with a number of kitchen safety tips.

Distractions are one of the most common causes of kitchen fires and our crews want to make sure you stay safe in the kitchen.

Remember to stay alert when cooking, never cook when under the influence of drugs or alcohol and check the stove when you finish cooking.

If you use a fryer to cook food make sure you use it safely as hot oil can catch fire easily.

If hot oil starts to smoke, this means that it is too hot, so it is best to turn the heat off and leave it to cool. Previously the Service has attended two inquests related to cooking using oil, and more specifically a hob-based deep fat fryer.

Sadly, two people from Nottinghamshire lost their lives after becoming distracted, and this is why we would always advise you to use a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer, which can’t overheat, as we would not want you to be the next casualty of cooking.

Top kitchen safety tips:

• Avoid distractions when cooking and if you need to leave the room, remove pans from the heat.
• Check that the cooker, hob and other appliances are switched off when you’re done cooking.
• Never put anything metal in the microwave.
• Always keep your kitchen clean and free of fat, grease and crumbs
• Keep matches and sauce pan handles (when on the heat) out of reach of children.
• Never leave children in the kitchen alone when cooking.
• Never put water on a pan fire.
• Never cook under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• If a fire occurs in the kitchen – get out, stay out, and call 999 immediately.

For more home safety tips visit our page.​

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