Firefighters urge residents to not leave tumble dryers on overnight


Following a recent tumble dryer fire, firefighters are urging people not to leave their tumble dryer running overnight after being called to a fire in the early hours of this morning in Mansfield.


Crews from Mansfield Station attended an incident where the tumble dryer had set alight and residents had to evacuate their home.


The Service are asking you to be cautious following recent events and advise you to make sure that all smoke alarms are working within your homes.


If you use your tumble dryer overnight, or know somebody who does be aware that a build-up of fluff in tumble dryer filters has been known to contribute to fires.


Crews are asking you not to leave washing drying while you are sleeping or out of the house, as you will have less chance of catching the fire early and calling 999.


Please remember to have an escape plan if a fire does start within your home; making sure escape routes and exits are cleared of any obstacles.


Remember to regularly check your smoke alarms and keep a mobile nearby so you can call 999 in an emergency.


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