Fire crews mark end of Urgent Care Support with Ambulance crews


The partnership between Firefighters and Urgent Care Assistant crews from East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) has now come to an end.

Firefighters have been supporting EMAS since April 2020, to help towards the fight against Covid-19.

Now the support partnership has come to an end, they have returned to their roles in the fire service.

Since the start of this partnership, they have completed 428 shifts and handled 1,419 patients.

Their typical tasks included driving urgent care ambulances, carrying out patient observations, administering first aid and supporting their EMAS colleagues in ensuring patients received the care they needed at home or on their way to hospital.

NFRS Group Manager Andy Macey, who has been co-ordinating the volunteering, said: “Firefighters and ambulance crews are used to working closely together at a wide range of incidents, but we are proud to be able to help our partners in the ways we have during the pandemic.

“It has made it even more important than ever that we stand together and support each other – although we are different services our aim is exactly the same, to serve the public and to keep people as safe as possible.  

“The partnership with EMAS has enabled us to utilise the training and skills of our firefighters to support our Urgent Care colleagues in a positive and practical way; this has not only assisted them in their response to Covid-19, but has further strengthened our mutual respect and understanding for each other’s work.

“I am pleased we have had this opportunity to work closely together and I very much hope there will be more opportunities to support our partners in times of need in the future.”

Deputy Director of Operations at EMAS, Dave Williams, thanked all fire service colleagues for supporting EMAS during the pandemic.

He said “our fire service colleagues have been absolutely amazing. They’ve helped us provide services to the most vulnerable patients when they have needed us the most.”

Watch the thank you video from Dave and EMAS below.


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