Firefighter spraying water in front of Nottingham Castle.

Exercise Castle sees Nottingham Castle fire plans tested


On Tuesday 25 May, eight crews from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service attended a training exercise at Nottingham Castle, before it reopens on 21 June.

Codenamed ‘Exercise Castle’ the scenario involved three fires inside the main building with two casualties trapped inside. With the Castle hosting many historical artefacts, fire crews were also tasked with salvaging several historical items.

Six fire engines were joined by a Command Support Unit (CSU) and High Volume Pump (HVP), which transported water from the nearby Nottingham & Beeston Canal to the Castle grounds.

As a key historical site in the county of Nottinghamshire, Nottingham Castle is a site that Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service takes great interest in and welcomes any opportunity to train crews in preparation for a real emergency.

Simon Lilley, Station Manager at London Road Fire Station and Exercise Director, praised fire crews for their efforts: “The exercise today has gone really well and there has been lots of learning for us.

“Training sessions like today gives us an opportunity to test out our tactical plans, which we hope we will never need to put into action for real.
“I would like to thank the Castle staff who have been fully involved and supportive of our work.”

The training had been a “useful exercise” according to Richard Hamblin, Project Director at Nottingham Castle, who praised the “efficient and effective” response of Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The Castle will reopen to visitors on Monday 21 June after a £30 million refurbishment.

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