Dementia Friends launch the first 2020 awareness session at Retford Fire Station


Last week saw the first Dementia Awareness sessions of 2020 hosted at Retford Fire Station.
On 9 January fire crews from Retford, Misterton and Worksop attended a Dementia Awareness session and picked up essential skills during the course including; practical actions they can take to help someone living with Dementia in the local area, how Dementia affects people and how to help create a Dementia friendly community.
The session was run by Dementia Champion, Emily Cookson and involved an interactive session that encouraged firefighters to think about how Dementia can affect an individual in everyday life.

Firefighters who attended the session also committed to take part in a Dementia Friendly action. The commitment can include; wearing a Dementia friends badge when out in public and to change the way they talk about and approach Dementia.

Station manager, Simon Lilley said: “These sessions are great opportunity for fire crews to learn more about how we can help someone with Dementia and how we can put that into practice into the community.
“Due to the popularity of the sessions we are continuing to roll them out across fire stations in Bassetlaw this Spring.”
Dementia Friends Champion Emily Cookson said: “These sessions help to change the stigma around Dementia and with awareness we are able to support members in our communities who are living or have been affected by Dementia.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to hold the session at Retford station and the enthusiasm from the fire crews was great to see and I look forward to working with other fire crews in the future.”


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