Crews visit Carlton Academy to educate pupils on road safety


​Firefighters from Carlton visited the Carlton Academy this month to educate Year 11 pupils.

The project came about when Green Watch Manager Andy Cooper and Firefighter Adrian Thompson, from Carlton Fire Station, got in touch with the school and arranged the visit with support from Dean Jukes, from the Education Team, District Prevention Officer, Craig Cooper and Station Manager Paul Gair.

“It’s been a long held objective of mine to get into Carlton Academy to deliver an engaging and highly pertinent prevention message to the pupils,” said Andy.

“We decided to focus primarily on road safety as a lot of pupils in Year 11, aged between 15 and 16, will soon be learning to drive and find themselves out on the road with their own car – it’s the perfect time to hit home with these messages.”

During the afternoon visit, which happened on Thursday 1 February, the students witnessed a 40-minute demonstration, by crews from Carlton Red Watch, showing how people are rescued from vehicles after a road traffic collision.

Once this was finished the pupils took part in several educational sessions - featuring virtual reality headsets and a presentation on the Fatal Four – speeding, not wearing seatbelts, driving under the influence of drink or drugs and distraction.

Craig said: “It’s been a great opportunity for the team to get out and engage with Carlton Academy.”

As a result of the success of the day crews from Carlton will be visiting Carlton later this year to educate students on electrical safety.

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