Cigarettes spark blaze in three houses


On the 6 July 2020 at 00:35, crews from Mansfield, Ashfield, Blidworth, Hucknall and Stapleford attended a house fire at Clayworth Court, Mansfield.

Once crews had arrived, three houses were alight.

Ladders were used to gain access to the properties. Crews also used breathing apparatus, hose reel jets and main jets, as well as an Aerial Ladder Platform from London Road and a Welfare Unit. Nottinghamshire Police and East Midlands Ambulance Service were in attendance.

Later that same day, a joint Fire Investigation was carried out between Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) and Nottinghamshire Police, with assistance from the Regional Hydrocarbon Detection Dog.

The cause of the fire has been identified as discarded smoking materials in the rear of the garden of a property.

NFRS want to issue a safety message on the back of this incident, highlighting how important it is to dispose of cigarettes appropriately.

Fire Investigator Lucie Poxon, from the Arson Reduction Investigation Team at NFRS, said: “When smoking outside, always ensure that cigarettes are not disposed of near combustible items such as rubbish, cardboard, vegetation, leaves or dried grass, and that cigarettes are fully extinguished before placing in any ashtray, bin or other waste receptacle.”

It is also a fire risk to smoke indoors. If you do smoke indoors, ensure cigarettes are put out right and disposed of properly, never smoke in bed and always empty ashtrays carefully.

Our website can give you more information on safety in your home.

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