Children's safety message competition


Does your child want to be in with a chance of having their drawing on the side of a Hutchinsons Truck? 

NFRS have been working with Hutchinsons, a local engineering business, for three years. They support the Service with a number of educational activities such as cycling awareness days and city road safety.

Working along side Hutchinsons, we are asking your child to draw any fire safety message on an A4 piece of paper and remember to make it colourful to support our key workers. Messages can include:

  • Mobile phone to be put away whilst driving
  • Never go in open water as there may be a strong current
  • Test your smoke alarm regularly
  • Or any other safety message you may think of

 Email your entry to us at Don’t forget to add the child’s name, age and your contact details to the drawing. 

The competition ends at 3pm on 1 May 2020. Winner will be announced on 15 May 2020.




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