Celebrating one year of Pulp Friction at NFRS


Two-and-a-half tonnes of food saved from landfill sites, five new part-time jobs and 12 young people with learning disabilities gaining experience in the world of work are just some of the things which sum up Pulp Friction’s first year working with NFRS.

Pulp Friction, a social enterprise which provides people with disabilities the chance to gain work experience in a busy kitchen, set up in the canteen at Service Headquarters (HQ) in November 2015 with help from Watch Manager Chris Emmott.

The team is made up of five paid staff and 12 members who work together to provide staff at HQ with lunchtime meals. The last year has seen new members join through word of mouth, something which only looks to keep on growing. 

The partnership also helps to prevent food from ending up on landfill sites by preparing meals with food which is nearing its sell by date, something which

Jill Carter, Director of Pulp Friction, said: “This has been a rollercoaster year with many highlights for us and we are honoured to be able to work in the canteen at NFRS.

“We are really pleased that we have our own kitchen where we can offer people experience in the workplace in a friendly and varied environment. I know that our members really enjoy working here and it is always a proud moment to see them growing in confidence and everyone integrating together with staff from NFRS.”

Jill came up with the idea for Pulp Friction with her daughter Jessie after seeing a smoothie bike at an event. Both agreed that they could make a part-time business out of it for Jessie who had always wanted to work in a restaurant kitchen.

She said: “It wasn’t until the smoothie bike was booked for an event at Highfields Fire Station that I met Chris who helped to set Pulp Friction up in the canteen and since then we have been set up for a whole year, which has flown by.

“Across the last year we have seen NFRS staff volunteering as ‘Guest Chefs’ with us in the kitchen, which has been a personal highlight to become part of the family here. We look forward to what the future holds for Pulp Friction and NFRS.”

Speaking of how he helped to set Pulp Friction up in the canteen, Watch Manager Chris Emmott, said: “At NFRS we have a great understanding of equality, diversity and inclusivity, and the benefits of becoming an ‘expert through experience’ has really made us all become more understanding and accepting.

“I genuinely believe that NFRS is setting a trend by working in collaboration with Pulp Friction and I would urge other organisations follow suit too.” 


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