Business speaks out on year on after fire


In November 2020, crews from West Bridgford, East Leake and London Road attended an electrical fire in Keyworth. The fire was in a single storey building which was home to business 'Cousins Collective'.

Cousins Collective sadly lost everything in result of the fire.

This month marks a year since this incident happened, as well as Electrical Safety Month, so we spoke with business owner, Ellie, to see how she is getting on.

Ellie Mortimer-Gill said: "I am now running my business from a new unit in Loughborough, and I have become extremely cautious and careful.

"When I moved into the new unit, I got all the electrics checked. This highlighted a fault, so I am very glad I had these checks run.

"I make sure all plugs are not overloaded and not close to anything flammable and that everything is turned off when leaving the unit.

"All of this seems like a long-winded process but all I need to do is think back to what happened a year ago."

We want to highlight the importance of Electrical Safety Month, so we can keep our communities safe and prevent these incidents from happening.

Luke Cook, Business Education Advocate at NFRS, said: "This incident shows you that electrical fires do occur. Although we cannot identify the exact cause of this incident, we want to prevent them from happening, so please follow our general electrical safety advice.

"Do not overload your sockets, as they can overheat and cause fires, and please check all leads are undamaged before use.

"We are also a society of portable appliance users that require us to charge the batteries. You should check the condition of both the battery and chargers and monitor them for signs of damage and excessive heating during their operation."

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