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Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service are hosting a free Webinar on managing fire safety in businesses during COVID-19 on Tuesday 12th May at 10am. The YouTube link is

This Webinar is for local business owners and managers, to help you to manage your fire safety during this uncertain time. Things are changing all the time, but fire safety continues to be important. During this webinar, you will find out more about protecting your premises while it’s empty, how to manage the additional pressures that come with a surge in demand, understand the importance of maintaining your fire safety equipment, how the Fire Protection department have changed how they’re working, and much more.


Business Education Advocate, Iona Loffman says “Managing fire safety in businesses may be the last thing on people’s mind during a global pandemic, but it’s really important that as we start to think about what the new normal might be, fire safety is adequately managed to protect people coming back to work. By putting on this Webinar, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is committing to helping local businesses understand their responsibilities to their employees, visitors, customers and contractors in the midst of an ever-changing environment.”


Good fire safety management reduces the risk of a fire occurring, minimises spread of fire if the worst does happen, and enables the building’s occupants to escape quickly and safely.

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