Bingham Fire Station bags award for clothes collection


​The team at Bingham Fire Station collected 1,680kg of clothes for the Fire Fighters Charity "Bag it and Bank it" Championship.

The collection was done as part of the annual "Bag it and Bank it" charity campaign which challenges fire stations across the country to collect as many clothes as possible from local communities which can then be recycled and converted into cash for the Fire Fighters Charity, which runs the campaign.

Bingham Fire Station collected more than any other Fire Station within Nottinghamshire and were also fourth nationally in terms of the weight of the clothes received and the money raised (£369.60).

To mark their efforts, the Fire Fighters Charity will present the team at Bingham with a special "Outstanding Effort" award at the station on 8 March.

Gerry Williscroft, Watch Manager at Bingham Fire Station said: "We would like to thank everyone who has donated from Bingham and the surrounding villages - we couldn't have done it without you!"

"We very much look forward to receiving this award from the Fire Fighters Charity. It truly has been a fantastic effort, not only to have collected the most in Nottinghamshire but also be the fourth best station nationally.

"Our goal now is to see if we can do even better next year and perhaps be the best in the country!"

Egremont Fire Station in Cumbria was crowned the winner, with more than 11,000kg collected.

269 tonnes were collected nationally, raising £56,728 for the charity.

Gerry and the team at Bingham were given an "honourable mention" on the Fire Fighters Charity website for an "amazing effort by the crew and community".

The donated clothing, shoes, handbags and textiles are collected are recycled in  a number of ways.

Wearable clothing is re-used and usually sold in under-developed countries. Any textiles that are un-wearable are recycled into such items as industrial wipers and car upholstery and also re-used in the production of many other items.

The income generated for The Fire Fighters Charity from textile recycling helps fund the physical, psychological and community support for those in the firefighting community who are in need.

To find out more about the recycling scheme, click here.

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