Be a bright spark this Summer


It's getting to that time of year again where barbeques and garden bonfires are all the rage.

But if you're thinking about getting into the garden and doing either of these things, think before you act, because our recipe for summer isn't sun or sand – it's safety.

Last month, firefighters from London Road attended a fire in the garden of a property on Goldswong Terrace, where a shed was well alight.

This fire was the result of a bonfire being lit too close to the shed, and crews used one hose reel to put the fire out.

Crew Manager Mark Woolnough from Red Watch at London Road Fire Station, said: "This fire could have been a lot worse, as it had already started to damage parts of the house, but luckily nobody was injured.

"Unfortunately, because of the positioning of the bonfire and its spread, the shed was severely damaged, and this acts as an important reminder to think about where you are lighting a barbeque or bonfire, and we would always advise to make sure that this is well away from property, trees, and outbuildings.

"It's also important to never leave a bonfire or barbeque unattended, as when attention stops, fire starts."

To make sure you have a safe summer, here are some of our top garden fire safety tips:

  • Never use petrol or paraffin to light a bonfire.
  • Keep a bucket of water close by in case of an emergency.
  • Keep pets and children away from bonfires and barbeques.
  • Always light bonfires and place barbeques a safe distance from property, outbuildings, trees and hedges.
  • Never leave barbeques or bonfires unattended and check they are fully extinguished before going inside.

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