Awards presented to celebrate Nottinghamshire


As part of our annual awards ceremony, we like to recognise and celebrate people within our local communities.

We have recently presented six awards to individuals who have shown great community spirit following on from our 2020 nominations.

We are proud of the community we serve and are proud of the selfless individuals that create our communities. People continue to show bravery daily which we want to highlight as without these courageous actions, lives would have been lost.

Worksop flooding

Two awards have been presented following the widespread flooding that happened in Worksop in November 2019.

During the floods, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) were based on Bridge Street near to 'The Unicorn' pub. During the night the pub owner, Mr Peet, opened the pub to provide hot drinks, shelter and toilets for operational crews, other responders and members of the public including homeless people who had been rescued from the floods. Mr Peet kept the pub open all night, providing invaluable support for everyone.

The night of the floods, Greencore Foods were contacted to ask if they could provide any support for responding agencies. Greencore have previously supported incidents in the local area and again went above and beyond by providing over 120 fresh sandwiches for crews and responders which supplemented the Welfare Unit's provisions.

The support provided by both Mr Peet and Greencore Foods during the floods allowed crews, other responders and the public to feel safe and have a place of comfort during these times. These selfless acts of kindness supported the local areas of Worksop, in which we would like to celebrate and thank.

House fires

There have been three awards presented this year to individuals who have shown their bravery relating to different house fires.

On 21 February 2020, NFRS crews were mobilised to a house fire in Cotgrave. The premises involved was a semi-detached property, in which a fire had started in the kitchen. A frying pan with oil had been left to heat up and had then been forgotten about whilst the occupier fell to sleep.

Once the occupier had woken up, they attempted to tackle the fire, but it had now started to develop beyond the frying pan. The occupier was left suffering from smoke inhalation and burns to their hands.

The neighbours of the occupier acted quickly to inform one another and to raise the alarm that the fire had started. The occupant next door to the house, Peter Wolfe, entered the house, extinguished the fire and pulled the occupier out into the garden.

If not for the combined approach from all neighbours embodying community spirit, the alarm may not have been raised and we could have had the potential of a fatal fire.

Another act of bravery was recognised during a house fire in Costock in November 2020.

Mr Lowe was the neighbour of the property on fire, and not only alerted the emergency services but was instrumental in meeting crews, directing them to the best access of the fire and the location of the male casualty in the garden. He also assisted crews to locate water for the incident and granting access through his house for the crews to do their job efficiently. Mr Lowe continued to help throughout the incident by providing ladders and allowing crews to cut through his fence to access the incident easily. He then went on to provide support to the fire investigation and throughout the weekend he continued to provide access through his property.

With Mr Lowe's assistance, the service could deal with a very complicated incident that proceeded for three days. This caused significant disruption to his family and caused considerable damage to his garden and fence however none of this phased Mr Lowe. He continued to go above and beyond during this incident which has gone unnoticed.

Although we have recognised these acts of bravery, we want to remind you that if you see a building fire please do not go in to rescue someone. You must ring 999 and emergency services will be at the incident as soon as they can. Please keep in mind the Get out, stay out, and call 999 message.

Covid-19 foodbanks

Since the pandemic hit, John Hammond and his family have unselfishly been assisting the service to provide fresh vegetables every week to two local Foodbanks: Mesopotamia and Broxtowe Community Hub.

There has been a full pallet of fresh vegetables each week without fail which has equated to tonnes of fresh produce over the recent months. Without John and his family around to help with this, the service would have struggled to provide the assistance to others due to the increasing demand.

John continued to donate large palettes of vegetables on a weekly basis to two foodbanks which deserves recognition for the continued generosity.

We just want to thank these individuals one last time. We are extremely pleased to be able to present these awards, albeit differently due to the current Government guidelines. Thank you to each one of them who has done their part to help their communities, and we are glad these did not go unnoticed.

Hopefully, we are able to resume our annual awards event in person next year.

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